CANADA: Breaking the chains of political correctness, anti-Muslim posters were found all around the University of Calgary

“Hey, Muslims, get out of Canada” was the message of the posters in less than genteel language. Naturally the leftists were horrified, but who cares? The more ways Muslims can be made to feel unwanted and uncomfortable in our countries, the better.


RT (h/t Kelly F)  Muslim students at the University of Calgary say they’re feeling vulnerable after anti-Muslim posters making derogatory references to the violent quran and the paedophile prophet Muhammad were found on campus. The university says campus security will now be reviewed.(Because free speech no longer exists in Canada if it’s about Muslims)

The flyers said “Dear Muslims, f**k your beheadings, f**k your Sharia, f**k your genital mutilations, f**k your TAQIYYA, f**k your [Muhammad], f**k your [Koran].” They went on to state: “On the other hand, you can keep your barbaric ways, right where they belong, in your 7th century homeland!”

Designated terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood's North American front group, the Muslim Students’ Association President, Umair Tazeem, whines to the news media,
Designated terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood’s North American front group, the Muslim Students’ Association President, Umair Tazeem, whines to the news media,

Some also contained links to a Facebook page which calls for Islam to be banned in Canada, as well as one which purports to “celebrate Canada’s European heritage,” CBC reported.

Campus security quickly took the posters down, but other flyers and similar hate literature were later found in parking lots and residential mailboxes off campus. One of those posters addressed “Muzzies,” telling them to “get the f**k out of our countries, and go back to the monstrous s**tholes you come from.”


Muslims on campus told the National Post that the flyers made them feel scared, particularly when it comes to those who are ‘visibly’ Muslim. (That’s the idea!)

Following the discovery of the posters, student snowflakes and faculty gathered to condemn the flyers. They wrote messages of support and tolerance on hard-shaped pieces of paper, with some hanging those notes from tree branches, CBC reported. (How quaint, just like they do every time innocent Canadians are killed in a Muslim terrorist attack)