From the ‘WHY IS THIS NEWS?’ File: Anti-Muslim writing allegedly found in a Lehigh University bathroom

Lehigh University police are wasting time and money investigating a case of vandalism in which someone wrote an “anti-Muslim” message (but they won’t tell us what it said) on a wall in a university dormitory, according to Lehigh’s student newspaper. 


LehighValleyLive  The Brown and White says the vandalism was disclosed in a campus-wide email signed by Karen Salvemini, the university’s equal opportunity compliance coordinator, Lehigh President John Simon and members of the university’s Council for Equity and Community. 

The report says the message was discovered on Wednesday in the men’s bathrooms in Chandler-Ullmann Hall, an academic building on the Asa Packer Campus in South Bethlehem

“The email did not specify what the writing was or who found it,” The Brown and White says in its report. “The individual who noticed it reported the vandalism to (Salvemini).”