RELAX, FILTHY INFIDELS…the only reason you think Islam is so violent is because ignorant Americans are taking all the violent and hateful quran verses out of context

Feel better now?

HUFFPOST  As Donald Trump and other public figures have ratcheted up their anti-Muslim political speech this election cycle, you’ve probably noticed more and more posts in your Facebook and Twitter feeds that look like this:

In what context are these acceptable?
In what context are these acceptable?

The Columbia Journalism Review documented the “widespread” posting of such anti-Muslim memes over the last year, as well as the use of hashtags like #banislam, #killmuslims, #attackamosque, #bansharia and #islamisterror. Facebook and Twitter have become platforms where people who “actively believe in the extermination of Muslims… are not afraid to state their views in public,” according to the CJR report published last month.

And it’s not just your crazy ― but lovable ― uncle sharing these memes.

It’s your school board chairwoman:


Your town council member:


Your postal worker:


Your state’s agricultural commissioner:  


These memes would have you believe that the Quran compels Muslims to violence, that Muslims want to take over the U.S. and implement (gasp!) Sharia, that Islam hates women, and that all Arabs are Muslim and all Muslims are Arab. 

In short, these posts are garbage. The Quran? On the whole, it’s a book that promotes faith and peace. Scary quotes you see attributed to the Quran are often fake or taken out of context.