Guess where Muslim freeloaders posing as “refugees” who have been granted asylum in Germany are going on vacation

thank-you-germanyYes, VACATION! Welfare-dependent Muslim ‘refugees’ are going on holiday to the same ‘war-torn’ countries from which they fled. The utterly bogus nature of the so-called ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe has been exposed by news that Syrians, Afghans, and Lebanese invaders are flying back to their homelands from Germany for some R & R…and German taxpayers are footing the bills.


New Observer An article in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, uncovers the scam that allows the unemployed and “recognized asylum seekers” to take holidays in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, which also revealed that the holidays are being paid for out of welfare payments they get from German taxpayers. The “refugees” take flights home, holiday, and then come back to Germany to continue living off welfare benefits as if nothing had happened.

16 Syrian refugees arrive in Germany under EU-Turkey agreement

According to the current rules applying to asylum seekers claiming social benefits in Germany, they are eligible to leave the country for a total of 21 days per year. Refugees however are not obliged to report to authorities where they are traveling, but merely when and for how long. “There is no legal ground to demand that information from him,” according to Die Welt am Sonntag.

Furthermore, should an official at the welfare office become aware that a claimant is going to take a trip back to the country from where they claim to have fled, the data protection laws prohibit that official from passing that information to the immigration authorities, the BfA spokesman also confirmed to the newspaper.

Roni Stoker