Hey Pope, so how many of these Syrian Muslims will you be taking into the Vatican surrounded by the 20-foot wall designed to keep out the Muslim invaders a long time ago?

Pope Francis begs for immediate ceasefire in Syria so civilians, especially children or Muslim adults pretending to be children, can be evacuated and sent en masse to Europe and the U.S. But when will he start begging the oil-rich Arab Muslim Gulf States to start taking in refugees which they all have refused to do?


Breitbart  Responding to the intense air assault raining down on Aleppo, Francis pleaded with leaders to call an immediate cessation to hostilities after his weekly General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square.

“I wish to stress and reiterate my solidarity with all victims of inhuman conflict in Syria,” the Pope said. “It is with a sense of urgency that I renew my appeal, begging those responsible, with all my strength, so that steps be taken for an immediate ceasefire.” 

Francis said that the truce should be imposed and respected “at least for the time necessary to allow the evacuation of civilians, especially children, who are still trapped under the bloody bombings.”