In an effort to stop people from saying “Islamic” when referring to the Islamic State or ISIS, John Kerry has worked hard to get people to call it “Daesh”…but it didn’t work

daeshbag-pilotNobody but John Kerry and a few Euroweenie leaders ever call it ‘Daesh.’ Everyone else still calls it the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL (all of which contain the word ‘Islamic’). So now, this pathetic excuse for a Secretary of State has come up with an even more obscure name that does not contain any reference to ‘Islamic’ either – “World’s Most Evil Terrorist Group”

Of course, why would we allow the Islamic State, founded by a PhD scholar in Islamic studies to decide what to call his own Islamic terrorist group? Muslims don’t seem to have any problem calling it Islamic State or ISIS…only Muslim apologists do.


PJ Media  Secretary of State John Kerry suggested referring to ISIS as “the world’s most evil terrorist group” so as to not use the acronym references to “Islamic” or “State.”Kerry noted at the Virtuous Circle Conference on Monday in Silicon Valley that he “rarely” uses the terms “ISIS” or “ISIL” at all.

“I’ve been on a lot of campaigns to get everybody to say “Daesh” because it’s a pejorative in Arabic — the initials — and I haven’t won that campaign at all,” he added. (Maybe because ISIS follows the ‘Islamic’ teachings of the quran about converting or killing unbelievers until the whole world is Islamic?)


“But it’s just — you kind of resort to the use of those letters because it refers to a state — it’s the Islamic State — and it’s not a state. There’s nothing legitimate about it. There’s nothing Islamic about it. It’s a complete misnomer. It’s their title and we shouldn’t use it and I feel that very strongly,” Kerry continued. “But it has gained — it’s the recognized term and if you want people to know what you’re talking about, unfortunately, sometimes you are forced to.”

“The terrorist group Daesh — that would be the best moniker, I think,” he said. “Or the most evil — the world’s most evil terrorist group.” (Right up there with modern appliances) 


Daesh also incorporates Islamic State, just in Arabic. It stands for al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham. It’s one letter away from the word “daes,” which means to crush or trample. ISIS hates the Daesh term and has threatened violence against people who use it.

 “Anyway, it’s hard,” Kerry added. “Today’s media is so — it’s so labelized and it reduces everything into these simplistic things. It’s very, very hard to break out once something has stuck.”