NETHERLANDS: Furious with police failure to rein in the reign of terror being waged on Dutch citizens by Turkish Muslim migrants, citizens go on the counter-attack

Outraged locals, who say they have been terrorized by Muslim migrant thugs for months, with no help from the police, have taken matters into their own hands to stop the gangs in the city of Zaandam.


UK Express  (h/t Terry D) The brutal clash was sparked after Muslim thugs have continually threatened, intimidated and beaten up citizens and police officers alike.  In the clip, a group young Dutch patriots  can be seen brawling with the Muslims in an effort to put a stop to the chaos, crime, and violence caused by the Muslim invaders.

The Turks were filmed fighting in a square outside of a supermarket and one of the vigilantes can even be seen wielding what appears to be a crowbar. The video was widely shared by major local media outlets who underlined that the law abiding locals had simply had enough of the criminal youths. 


On Thursday the police, who have been blasted for not having cracked down on the terror gang, arrested four of the migrants. 

It comes as the Muslim thugs made national headlines as they appeared on a primetime talk show. Speaking about the reign of terror on the programme, Ismail Ilgun, who was one of the Muslim suspects arrested, claimed national media was stigmatizing them and told the TV program they only hung around the streets because the city council did not give them a youth centre.


However, C Meijer, a woman who works at a local youth centre, explained that the group was already booted out after damaging and stealing from it. She said: “This has already been playing out for 10 years. They get everything from the city council, everything is done.  “But each time they destroy the property and steal. They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside.” 

Below is video of the Muslim thugs terrorizing the community as they film themselves bragging about the lack of police response.

In the clip, the thugs filmed themselves, one can be seen dancing on a police car without being apprehended. The group of young thugs who have been wreaking havoc in the city of Zaandam in the Netherlands, have become notorious for their stunts.

It recently emerged that the Muslims were involved with repeated incidents involving the intimidation of citizens, police officers, and even one incident captured on camera that involved them beating up a cyclist.

Muslim migrant kids so brazen, they threaten the Dutch people with death unless they convert to Islam.

In Amsterdam, as a Muslim baghead appears to be whining to officials in the room, angry Dutch citizens who reject the small town’s plans to take in 1500 Muslim invaders, riot and try to storm the meeting room.