NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL bows down to Islamofascism, approves resolution condemning so-called “Islamophobia”

Not a surprising move, considering that the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is as big a supporter of Islam as Barack Hussein Obama is. So what are they going to do, arrest New Yorkers like BNI who tell the ugly truth about Islam?

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CBS  The resolution, put forth by Daneek Miller (D-27th), comes in response to an increase in violence against the Muslim community, including a tiny number of mosques being vandalized, Muslim women assaulted and religious leaders killed, (Only one has been killed since 9/11/01 and police refuse to declare it an anti-Muslim hate crime) 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

“The attacks on the Muslim community this year are greater than even that of the years after 9/11,” Miller said. (Most of the so-called “attacks” are verbal or graffiti)

Linda Sarsour, (vile Hamas promoter) with the Arab American Association of New York said it is important for leaders to speak out against the issue.


“When our public servants are silent in the face of violence and hatred against certain communities, that means that they are creating an environment for that violence to continue,” she said from the steps of City Hall.

Council members blamed the current political climate for the increase in violence.