CHILLING! Leftist Rabbi says: “Both Jews and their Muslim brothers are natural allies fighting for a peaceful Europe”

islamhitlerNo, Muslims aren’t the Jews’ biggest enemy, leftist Jews are. The Nazis would have loved this Rabbi, who would have been feeding the crocodile hoping he would eat him last. 

This an except from a 2015 interview about the escalating Muslim invader problem in Europe, where Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt claims that “Muslims are Jews’ natural allies” in making Europe more free, more diverse, so together they can  overcome the resistance of “old, secular Europe” to move into the age of a “new, religious Europe” (The ONLY religion being Islam, of course)
According to this lunatic, both Muslims and Jews face the same kind of discrimination in Europe where the old Europeans try to enforce laws limiting the religious freedom. (So tell me, Rabbi, why are the Jews now fleeing Europe again while the Muslims are pouring in by the millions?)

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