GERMANY: Mayor of picturesque, tranquil German ski town begs for help to tackle ‘explosive Muslim invader crime wave’

Police say Muslims are brawling in the streets, vandalizing public property in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and committing serious sexual assaults.


UK Daily Mail  Dr Sigrid Meierhofer has now written about the ‘massive problems’ in a letter begging for help from Bavarian politician Maria Els, which was leaked to the press. The mayor, from the centre-left SPD party, says she will need to take action ‘to secure public safety and order’ after a series of public clashes with police.

The Abrams centre, a former US Army site that now houses around 250 Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers, is also affecting tourism and the health of residents, she claims. ‘There has been an increasingly worsening situation in recent weeks around the registration centre Abrams,’ wrote the mayor, in what was seen as a cry for help.


Mayor Meierhofer makes it plain that the current occupiers of the building have become ‘problematic’ and said she is increasingly concerned about ‘public order’.

Deputy police chief Thomas Holzer recently said: ‘The blacks are in charge,’ as he described the constant clashes with asylum seekers at the centre. He went on: ‘There are brawls, fights and property damage. The blacks occupy the best wi-fi places, choose who sleeps in what room.


Local social media speaks gravely of sexual assaults of the worst kind taking place in the accommodation centre. Frau Meierhofer explained in her letter that the complaints from locals were accumulating and that they were not from the far-right or other extremist groups. 

A local official was outraged that the letter, and the deputy police chief, identified black Africans for causing the trouble, saying ‘stereotyping’ was unacceptable. But the mayor’s office insisted she was telling it like it is, not as bureaucrats elsewhere would like it to be.

Europe in 2029? Or 2019?