ALABAMA Police forced to kiss the feet of designated terrorist group CAIR over police chief’s humorous Facebook post about “bacon grease-covered bullets”

Correction: “losing”

Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) today welcomed Gurley, Alabama Mayor Robert Sentell’s despicable decision to investigate Chief of Police Barry Pendegraf’s recent Facebook posts referring to ‘’Bacon Greased Covered Bullets.” CAIR-Alabama Muslim supremacists say they appreciate the mayor’s ‘dhimmitude,’ timely response, and sincere efforts to put Muslim concerns before the safety of its own citizens.

CAIR  After speaking with a representative of CAIR-Alabama, the mayor acknowledged the concerns and implication of Chief Pendegraf’s posts.

CAIR-Alabama said in a statement: “We are prepared to take the Chief Pendegraf’s explanation that he was referring to reloading and not to killing Muslims. However, absent an explanation in his Facebook post, the inevitable conclusion one could draw would be otherwise. As a former member of the North Alabama ‘anti-terrorism task force,’ we hope he would be more careful in the future. Irrespective of the intent the post might be taken as an invitation to attack Muslims.”


“We had a positive discussion in which the mayor’s office agreed that Chief Pendegraf’s posts could cause offense and place minorities in danger. Most people reading the posts viewed them as anti-Muslim hatred, which unfortunately has been a very real issue with very real consequences for the Muslim community,” said CAIR-Alabama Executive Director Khaula Hadeed.


CAIR-Alabama and the mayor’s office agreed to hold diversity (re-education class in whitewashed Muslim propaganda) training for the department to prevent future incidents of this type. Moreover, CAIR-Alabama agreed to arrange a meeting and a possible visit to an area mosque to increase understanding. (No police officer should ever be forced to go into a mosque except to arrest someone)

ORIGINAL POST: Designated terrorist group CAIR is now concocting fake accusations of “Islamophobia” against the police