NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM? Suspect arrested in London ‘Tube Bomb Plot’ described as “lone wolf” “terrorist” “teenager” “white” “bearded” “wearing hoodie”

1477121895596But shhhh…. don’t go describing him as a “Muslim” and then maybe nobody will ever suspect he is. Terror plot to target the London Underground has been foiled after police found what they suspect to be a ‘viable improvised explosive device’ on a tube train, planted by a (MUSLIM?) terrorist part of a larger plot to attack the transport network.


UK Daily Mail  Police refused to release any further information about the suspect and declined to comment on the possible motive, but a security source said that there is a possibility the planned attack could have been a ‘copycat’ methodology and the motivation was not Islamic terrorism. (Or so you hope)

On Friday it emerged  security officials had contacted the Ministry of Defence after the find, to warn serving military personnel, and the threat level for transport in London had been raised to severe to reflect an attack was highly likely.


A ‘viable device’ found on a London Underground train was part of a larger plot to attack the transport network, it is believed. The suspicious package was found on a London Underground train on Thursday. Bomb disposal experts soon carried out a controlled explosion and the remains were taken away for forensic examination. 

Then yesterday, under counter-terrorism laws, armed police swooped in and arrested a 19-year-old (Muslim) man in North London  after Tasering him as he walked along a street.  The (MUSLIM?) teenager was detained under the Terrorism Act at 12.20pm in Holloway, North London, one day after the item was detonated in a controlled explosion at North Greenwich station.


And the Ministry Of Defence warned its staff in a memo that the culprit could have planted more devices, according to The Telegraph. It said: ‘This increase is in response to the discovery of a suspected viable improvised explosive device (IED) on a London Underground train.

‘It is unknown who placed the device and what their motivation was. Therefore it remains possible that the perpetrator may attempt to place further devices. The threat level will continue to be reviewed as further information is received.’

The man remains in custody this morning. Under the Terrorism Act 2000.