OH, THIS IS RICH! Filming of documentary about “Plight of the poor Muslim refugees in the Calais Jungle” was interrupted by three Muslim refugees who gang raped the film’s female interpreter at knife-point

65bff357f-1A female interpreter for a French journalist has been raped near the notorious Calais ‘Jungle’ migrant camp, the authorities confirmed. Reports have also emerged that the woman’s attackers were three Pashto-speaking Afghan male asylum seekers.

RT  The incident took place when a Pashto interpreter and a freelance journalist were making a story about the ‘Jungle’ camp for France 5 TV channel on Tuesday morning, according to Pascal Marconville, prosecutor of the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer in the Pas-de-Calais region.


“A 38-year-old Afghan interpreter, based in Paris, was accompanied by a freelance journalist… who was preparing a documentary for France 5 about unaccompanied children,” Marconville said. Somewhere between 2am and 3am local time the interpreter and the journalist were approached by three Pashto-speaking men, according to the prosecutor.

The attackers were “a priori migrants” from Afghanistan, a judicial source told AFP, quoting witness accounts. The alleged asylum seekers initially wanted to steal the pair’s equipment and camera.


One of the men then reportedly pulled out a knife and forced the interpreter to have sex with him, while two others stood nearby, threatening the journalist with a knife. Once the attackers had let them go, the victims rushed to a police station in Calais to report the incident.

“The victim was examined by a doctor, who confirmed rape. Samples will… determine the genetic profile of the attacker,”Marconville said. Police have opened a manhunt for the three attackers and have begun an investigation into the case.