Sorry, you don’t make people stop hating Muslims by issuing ‘Proclamations Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry’


Members of Rochester City Council in upstate New York, The Board of Education and Monroe County Legislature have sponsored proclamations supporting Muslim residents and their right to live and pray safely.

WXXInews  City Council member Molly Clifford, noting the tenor of the Presidential campaign, says they want our Muslim residents to feel welcomed and safe. (How about making the targets of Muslim terrorism feel safe?)


“We developed these proclamations because we want people to know that Rochester is a welcoming community and we will not discriminate on the basis of religion,” she said. 

Iman Abid says since the start of this presidential cycle, the Muslim community has become part of the political rhetoric (That’s because Muslims pose the biggest existential threat to all Americans)


“I think more than 70 percent of the time that Islam is mentioned or the Muslim community is mentioned, it’s negative (And rightly so).  And unfortunately we’ve seen a rise in hate crimes, fortunately none in the Rochester community, but throughout the nation we have,” she said. (So-called ‘hate crimes’ that are mainly angry rhetoric and graffiti)


“Two men in a truck had driven by my house and slowed down to raise their hands outside of their windows and had their hands in the formation of what looked like a gun, and they were yelling out ‘pow, pow,’ and derogatory terms,” she said. (Saying “Pow Pow?” is now a hate crime? Go to your safe room, bitch)

Here’s what Rochester City Council’s proclamation looks like: (File under trash)