CANADA: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to commemorate anniversary of Muslim terrorist attack on Parliament which killed two Canadian soldiers 2 years ago

imageJustin Trudeau will commemorate anything. He’ll interrupt his schedule to fly half-way across the country to any gay pride parade, cameras in tow. And he likes to boast about showing up as often as possible at as many radical Islamic mosques as he can.

October 22nd was the two-year anniversary of the attack, when a Muslim terrorist, inspired by the Islamic State, shot Canadian soldiers Nathan Cirillo, who was standing at our national war memorial and and Patrice Vincent. Then the terrorist entered the halls of Parliament, hunting for VIP targets. In the end, the Sergeant at Arms killed the terrorist. Even worse, is that he’s setting the conditions for the next deadly terrorist attack on Canada  — taking in tens of thousands of unvetted Syrian Muslim migrants.