GERMAN Left Wing “expert” on Islamofascism says Syrian Muslim invaders should be given their own city in Germany to prevent them from becoming radicalized

1-116I guess this so-called “expert” missed the fact that Muslim jihadists who are already radicalized are arriving with the hordes of colonizers posing as refugees, most of whom are not even Syrians. Kurt Edler, who claims to be an expert on Salafism has suggested that Germany has no real culture anymore and that Syrian Muslims should be given their own city within Germany rather than be forced to integrate into German society.

Breitbart  “Expert” on Salafism and Green party member Kurt Edler is proposing a radical idea on how the German government should handle the integration of Syrians and other Muslim migrants into German society. 

Edler contends that Germany has no real culture to speak of and that the migrants shouldn’t have to integrate and instead he claims they should be afforded their own city in an area like Vorpommern reports, Die Welt.  He admits after the attempted bombing in Leipzig and other terror attacks in Wurzburg and elsewhere, that Islamofascism has formally arrived in Germany.

Speaking on the need for migrants to integrate into Germany he said, “the indigenous people themselves have completely disintegrated. The common word is dominant culture. There is none. There are lifestyle milieus.” Since there is no common culture, according to Edler, there should be no problem in simply creating what he calls a “New Aleppo.”

The new Syrian city would foster a sense of community that Edler says those in the West have given up on. The idea of separate cities fro Muslims has been floated before by a German academic named Ulrike Guérot who also agrees with Edler that the idea of “dominant German culture” is “Fascistic.” The agreement of the two academics shows that the ideas may have growing prominence in German academic circles.

On the notion of young radical Muslims, Edler echoed comments made by French scholar Gilles Kepel who called the third generation of Muslims the “Jihad Generation” due to the rising popularity of Salfism among them. Kepel warned these young people could be taking Europe down the path of future civil war.

Mr. Edler is more optimistic about the future of young Muslims claiming that Salafism will likely dissipate over time. But many other experts, police and security agencies are fearful of the rise of radicalism in Muslim youths. Polls have shown that the rise in radicalisation among young Muslims is a growing trend and few have the answers to reversing it.