POSTER OF THE DAY outrages British Parliament members who are granting asylum to illegal alien Muslim ‘child’ refugees, who are neither children nor refugees

A poster mocking the age of so-called ‘child’ migrants coming to Britain from Calais has caused fury among Labour Party leftists after being put up in a kitchen for MPs in Parliament.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Neil H)  Labour’s shadow minister for Industrial Strategy, Chi Onwurah, tweeted the image with the text: ‘Just £3 from you could clothe and feed his 12yr old Syrian child for a week’. But instead of showing a Syrian child, the poster contains an elderly man in a Muslim headrag.


It came as the row over whether all the migrants entering the UK from Calais are all under 18 after many were found to be adults in their 20’s and 30’s.

Pictures of so-called ‘child’ migrants arriving in Britain have sparked controversy, and on Friday the Home Office put up a 15ft fence to hide the faces of those starting their new lives in the UK.


One refugee, dubbed the ‘man in blue’, had wrinkles and stubble, which led to one charity falsely assuming he was an adult interpreter.

Politicians are among those to have questioned their ages.  Tory MP David Davies said some ‘don’t look like children’ and was later condemned by dentists after calling for tests on teeth to verify the age of child migrants.



BRITISH IMMIGRATION officials erect 15-foot high fence to hide from the public unaccompanied MUSLIM “child” refugees who actually are in the 20’s and 30’s

BRITISH BLEEDING HEART who agreed to foster an alleged Muslim migrant ‘child’ shocked to learn the 12-year-old is actually a 21-year-old Afghan jihadi