Joining forces in solidarity with all the other patriotic Black Americans from every walk of life who want to see America become great again.


MORE AND MORE AND MORE Black Americans for Donald Trump!

The list of Black Americans for Donald Trump gets bigger everyday

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Donald Trump is getting more support from Black Americans than any other Republican candidate for president ever has

As more and more black Americans are supporting Donald Trump, they are being called “racists” by many black Americans

You read about it here first, now listen to Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother Malik talk about his reasons for supporting Donald Trump for president

SHOCKER! New Black Panther party leader comes out in support of Donald Trump because Democrats have been exploiting black votes and giving us nothing in return

MUST SEE! Another Black American explains why she is voting for Donald Trump

And here’s ANOTHER escapee from the Democrat ‘plantation’

Why Donald Trump will pull more votes from the Black community than any other Republican ever has

MAGNIFICENT! Black pastor brings down the house at Donald Trump rally in Cleveland, Saturday, March 12th

What a Black Female Executive at the Trump Organization has to say about charges that Donald Trump is a “racist, a bigot, and a misogynist”

NORTH CAROLINA: Historic Black church says “Supporting Hillary Clinton is like being with an abusive ex-spouse”

Black Donald Trump supporter defends the flag from leftists who want to burn it

BLACK VIETNAM WAR VETERAN gets shot for being a Donald Trump supporter

MSNBC doesn’t know what to make of a black Donald Trump supporter who defends him against ‘racist’ attacks

Did you know that Barack Obama’s half brother is voting for Donald Trump?

ATLANTA: 16-year-old Black Trump supporter is getting death threats for supporting Donald Trump

BLACK CONSERVATIVE GAY PATRIOT banned from Facebook for posting this pro-Trump video


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  1. America’s black population will save America form becoming a 100% Sharia Law governed theocracy.. Black Americans have seen the light because they can feel that Trump is for real…

  2. Because these men understand the value of a great manager! They know how their business managers increased their wealth. They understand how their personal managers promoted their careers. Not outrageous that they would support the best to manage our country and our country’s interests to promote it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! TRUMP/PENCE!!

    • Emma, Emma, Emma!! Madrecita Linda, I Do Believe That You Are A Trump Supporter!! So Am I!! I Voted Today; Trump Pence ALL The Way USA!! May Your Enthusiasm Fall Like Rain Across The Lenght And Breath Of This Parched Nation!!

    • Emma, Emma, Emma!! May Your Enthusiasm Fall Like Rain All Across This Parched Nation And Bring A New Dawn To Make America Great Again!!

    • I know for a fact that 50 Cent is a Conservative and a friend of Sylvester Stallone. It does not surprise me that Trump is pulling in large groups of minorities, he’s got a “Knack”.

  3. Is he being sarcastic or does he speak with sincerity? His documentaries prior to his immigrant rant speak to the displaced, underrepresented American, down and out, so hopefully, he’s sincere.

    I have a hard time accepting anything that he has to say after his insistence that Americans care for “refugees” and open their homes to them, while there are hundreds of thousands of Americans living on the streets. He ranted and raved about it while offering his apartments to refugees. Why couldn’t he have offered those same apartments to the homeless already living on our streets? He appears to go whichever way the wind blows. Still, if he opened some eyes, good.

  4. I hope Pres Trump will get rid of the Muslims and communists like Jeh Johnson, Loretta Lynch, The CIA and FBI directors, and replace them with patriots like Alan West

  5. Trump has the swagger of a General …. Great Generals “got” personality …. today’s Leftists …. would be offended by Mac Arthur’s corn cob pipe …. and the American tobacco he smoked in it …. they would be OK with the dark glasses and the neck scarf …. maybe ?

  6. I watched Trump today walk out on stage in Ste-Augustine and Tampa, both in Florida.
    Such a humble and simple man with 15,000 and 20,000 people of all race and ethnicity, all united in joy towards the same goal.
    I have been saying this for a long time: it will be a historic election.
    Two weeks to freedom.

      • BNI, did you see yesterday Tim Kaine got 30 people at his rally in Florida? Over the weekend he got 50 people at another Florida rally. This has been happening all over the country. Trump is killing Hillary in social media. People track things like the number of likes etc. and he is overwhelming her. Same thing with google trends on voting for trump vs voting for hillary as search words. They know we are onto them with the voting fraud especially with the Project Veritas videos coming out. Plus Trump knows about the fraud and they know he knows. This isn’t 2012 and Trump isn’t romney and he isn’t going to just walk away without a fight. At this point the polls are just fakery. If they try that with the voting machines the country isn’t going to believe them and we will have quite a situation on our hands. The polls don’t jive with what is actually happening across the country. Read the conservative treehouse if you haven’t been to see what is really going on. also this

      • BNI…they’ve had to switch to paper ballots in some districts in Texas because Trump votes on electronic voting machines ARE being switched to Hillary.

    • I watched the St. Augustine rally (watching the Tampa now) and I’m finding that every time he sets foot onstage, HOPE rises.
      I know the liberals will do anything to stop him but they should be wary that the repercussions will be dire if they succeed.
      Win, lose or draw, the consequences of THIS vote will end in massive turmoil. I hope I’m wrong!

    • Swagger is genuine confidence …. not arrogance …. and goes well with genuine humility …. Mussolini was pure “Pomp and Swagger Schtick” ?