UK Child Protection Services workers are ‘afraid’ to challenge the ages of Muslim invaders for fear of ending up in court

39831a1700000578-3850840-a_third_group_of_child_refugees_are_on_their_way_to_britain_afte-m-6_1476869714708Industry insiders reveal they often meet obviously adult-aged Muslim invaders posing as children who are permitted to stay in the country because challenging them can put their career at risk. The revelations came after the arrivals of Muslim “child” economic freeloaders from – who apparently are much older than the teenage years they had claimed.

UK Express (h/t Terry D)  Britain was once again divided over the issue with Conservative MP David Davies suggesting they should be made to undergo dental tests to establish their age.


His comments were met with fury by the British Dental Association (BDA) which said tests were “invasive” – a statement which was backed by the Home Office.

But, speaking to Express Online a social worker who asked not to be named has revealed the REAL struggles faced by those in the industry. According to the specialist THREE professionals are assigned to the first meeting with a migrant who claims to be a child. And senior child protection officers are at their wits’ end.


He said: “So a social worker is assigned the case. The social worker attends the assessment and because the asylum seeker is claiming to be under 17 (to come under the children’s Act) an appropriate adult is also in attendance and so is an interpreter. 

“Usually they enter the room and they see this asylum seeker is well over 17. It is that obvious. 


“After they have done the process three times all three social workers have to come to a consensus on the estimated age of the asylum seeker – so let’s says all three say this asylum seeker is well over 17 or 18 years old. You would think that would be the end of the process, but not so.

“They tell their managers of their decisions and then the manager tells them ‘If that’s your decision then okay but the asylum seeker will now be assigned a solicitor to challenge your opinion and you are likely to be cross examined in court’.


After this phase of the investigation is complete, if a social worker chooses to challenge the age, they are reportedly met with anger and abuse. Many, he claims, have received calls calling them “racist” and have had complaints made against them.

Those put in this position have said they “cannot afford” to fight it. One said: “I just sign and say he’s under 17 years because it’s not worth the hassle.” Social workers and child protection experts have called the system “broken” in Britain. 

Aid workers in Calais recently admitted to the press child migrants ARE lying about their age to get to the front of the queue to Britain – and are shredding their real documents.



NO AGE TESTS for obvious adult-aged Muslim migrant ‘children.’ “They look older because war has toughened them up” claims the UK Home Office