NETHERLANDS has a new Muslim political party called ‘DENK’ (Think) created by Muslim colonizers for Muslim colonizers

 migrant-party-netherlands-678653Founded by 2 Turkish Muslims, Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, after being booted out of the Dutch Labour Party, the Denk Partij (Think Party) is the first political force in Europe established by Muslims and is attracting controversy for its affiliation with the Turkish Islamist regime, rejection of the Armenian Genocide, and radical anti-Israel positions. DENK is also proposing a 1,000 strong ‘racism’ police and national anti-immigration registry which will target anyone who says anything ‘Islamophobic’ against Muslims. 


Legal Insurrection is reporting (h/t Truth Revolt) that the Netherlands’ pro-Muslim immigration Denk Party is pushing for a thousand-strong “Racism Police” to go after thought and speech crimes against Muslims which would result in a registry for offenders, fines, and re-education camps.

The party, dominated by members of Turkish and Muslim origin was founded in 2014 by two former-socialist Turkish politicians but it already sits in the Dutch parliament and is hoping to mobilize the country’s million-strong mainly Muslim immigrant population (out of about 17 million overall) and growing Muslim population, currently at about 7 percent, in the parliamentary elections to be held early next year.

Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk
Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk

Among the Denk Party’s latest proposals are the renaming of streets and tunnels suggestive of Dutch colonial and slave trading history, changing the term “foreigner” to “Turkish and Surinamese Dutch person,” creating a thousand-man “Racism Police,” establishing stricter sentences for “racist and discriminatory behavior,” and listing offenders on a nationwide “Racism Register” — you know, just like child molesters.


This multicultural champion has close ties to Erdogan’s Turkish-Islamist AKP party and it refuses to recognize the genocide of Armenian Christians. According to a recent Dutch poll, nearly 90 percent of young Turkish-Dutch sympathize with ISIS — 90 percent. This is the Denk Party’s political base.

Denk Party stands in the tradition of George Galloway’s Respect Party in UK, a new mutant ideology taking root in Europe that fuses leftist “social justice” issues with political Islam, dipped in fierce hatred for Israel and Western heritage. Last month, the Denk Party attracted media attention when party’s leader and Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu refused to shake hands with the visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.


What should worry the freedom-loving people — on the either side of the Atlantic — is not just the outrageous nature of Denk Party’s proposals, but the determined effort already underway in Europe to criminalize “undesired” speech and political dissident. The E.U. has long been pressuring its media to omit mentions of Islam when Muslims are involved in terrorism.

UK Express  DENK proposes a ban on words like ‘native’ and ‘immigrant’ would be introduced, alongside a national holiday to celebrate Muslim diversity.   The party aims to reinvent Dutch national identity, and the program is geared towards tackling the institutional racism/Islamophobia it says is endemic in the Netherlands.


And part of that is scrapping the government’s ideals of integration, claiming this should not be expected of Muslim migrants, but rather an atmosphere of ‘mutual acceptance’ should be adopted. (In other words, forcing Dutch natives to give up their customs and culture and accommodate the Muslim way of doing things)

Tackling racism/Islamophobia should begin in schools, with pro-Islam attitudes promoted in the classroom through citizenship classes, and that students are regularly tested to see if they are meeting the required benchmark.