SWEDISH OUTRAGE as Muslim colonizers get preference for housing while native Swedes are out in the cold

A Swedish MP has lashed out after it was revealed Muslim freeloaders posing as refugees would be allowed to jump ahead of Swedish families in the housing queue.


UK Express  Earlier this month Express.co.uk reported several councils in the Scandinavian country are prioritising the requests of asylum seekers ahead of their own citizens, with Muslim migrants given housing straight away, despite Swedes being placed on a huge waiting list.

Now 20 accommodations in Klippan, in south Sweden, are being prepared for Muslim migrants after a new policy demanded all available apartments owned by the municipal property company be put aside for asylum seekers.


The move has been criticised by Therese Borg, of the Swedish Democrats (SD) party, as she argued the Muslim invaders should be placed on the list and wait their turn. Ms Borg said asylum seekers urgently needed to be placed on the list alongside regular people because hardworking citizens risked growing resentful of the preferential treatment.

She told Nyheteridag: “You can see a lot of comments on Facebook. People are pissed off.  “There are a lot of teenagers living at home and who are looking for [a small apartment] to move into as it is a good place to start [building a life]. “The small apartments are necessary for [the youth] moving out, but they are not offered them unless the newly arrivals decline to take the property.”

Meanwhile aid workers helping the Muslim refugees say they have been terrified by Muslim attacks which have left them too scared to leave their homes.
Meanwhile aid workers helping migrants say they have been terrified by Muslim attacks which have left them too scared to leave their homes.

The SD politician also said the council should start focusing on the migrants already living in the area, rather than focusing funds on asylum seekers who might arrive in the future.  Lashing out against the Government and Migration Board, Ms Borg demanded they take responsibility for the migrants they have allowed into the country.

Even worse, a lot of Swedish families are being kicked out of their homes in order to accommodate Muslim freeloaders:

However, Bert-Inge Karlsson, of the Christian Democrats, blasted Ms Borg’s comments as he insisted her portrayal of the situation was out-of-touch with reality. Mr Karlsson said: “I the way Theresa Borg has portrayed it as if we have an extraordinary housing crisis in the nation. How is it then possible for us to take in so incredibly many.

“She has returned to the kind of insinuation… which suggests the entire world could be on its way here.” In March this year, Sweden passed a law requiring all municipalities accept and provide housing for migrants, allowing families and others on the waiting to be placed at the back of the queue.

The turmoil nation, which has been plagued with increasing levels of violence and criminal activity, with three police officers quitting each day, is experiencing chronic housing shortages as a result of the country’s generous asylum and migration policies over the last decade.