UK MUSLIMS want to subject non-Muslims to the noise pollution of the amplified ‘Islamic Call to Prayer’ several times a day

c3caiuo-e1451297122837If Muslim supremacists get their way, British residents and visitors will be forced to endure the eardrum-shattering, highly offensive Islamic Call to Prayer (‘Adhan’) being blasted from mosque amplifiers – so it can be heard for miles around – at least three times a day, EVERYDAY!

UK Express (h/t Rob E)  A petition to allow the Islamic call for prayer has been signed by more than 25,000 Muslims. Those behind the petition say: “The Islamic Call to Prayer, is an integral part of the Muslim faith” which actually means unbelievers are my inferiors and I have no respect for their country, customs, and its citizens.


The petition says: “I believe it is the right time to experiment and allow highly Muslim populated areas with a loud call for prayer at least three times a day, not during anti-social hours.” “The number of people practicing the religion of Islam in the United Kingdom exceeds three million. “Some neighbourhood towns have more than 50% Muslim population.”

The Government’s official response to the petition has advised people to speak to their local authority about public calls to worship. Officials said: “The Government recognizes the unique contribution (to violence, rape, and terrorism) that Muslims make to their own local communities and to wider society.”