PARIS: After destruction begins on their squatters camps, Muslim illegals scream that they are “humans, not beasts”

But nobody is buying it. Illegal alien Muslim invaders have staged a mass protest in Paris over their treatment by French authorities following destruction of their makeshift camps. Masses of Muslim freeloaders sleeping in the streets joined local bleeding hearts to demonstrate at their encampment near the Stalingrad Metro station.


UK Daily Mail (h/t therezam)  One man held up a sign saying ‘human, no beast’ as a man used a loud speaker to lead the march, which happened late last night. It came 24 hours after violence broke out at the site with gangs of men attacking each other using sticks as makeshift clubs. 

The fighting unfolded just hours after demolition workers supported by riot police began smashing up an illegal camp full of UK-bound migrants in Paris. It also came in the wake of the destruction of the Calais Jungle which saw refugees transported around the country. It is not yet known what caused the fight in Paris.

There had already been scuffles on Monday as mainly Afghans and Eritreans tried to save their possessions during the raid, which started soon after 8am. It followed thousands of Muslim freeloaders arriving in the French capital following the razing of the Calais Jungle refugee camp last week.

While some 5000 Jungle residents agreed to be bused to resettlement centres around France, many others headed off independently, saying they still wanted to get to Britain. Up to 3000 set up tents on the pavements around the Stalingrad Metro station, which is close to the Gare du Nord Eurostar hub in the north of Paris.

 Shortly before Monday’s clearance French president Francois Hollande said: ‘We won’t tolerate the camps any longer.’ Referring to the Paris clearance, Mr Hollande said: ‘We are going to carry out the same operation as in Calais.’

CRS riot police around Stalingrad said there would be a ‘gradual operation’ which is likely to go on all week until all the camps are gone.