BELGIUM: Leftist bleeding heart activists whine about Muslims being targeted in counter-terrorism crackdown

molenbeek-394556MOLENBEEK:  Belgium’s hotbed of violent Islamic jihad where up to 80% of the population is Muslim and ISIS terrorists are considered heroes, Muslims being questioned by police complain of being “insulted and humiliated,” says Human Rights Watch, who accuse police of overly harsh treatment of terrorist suspects. 


Belgium, with a population of just 11million and about a half million Muslims – has produced more jihadi fighters per capita than any other country in Europe. Molenbeek-Saint-Jean – home to just 90,000 habitants – has become known across the world as Europe’s “jihadi conveyor belt”.


Coordinated attacks in Paris at sites including a concert hall and sports stadium killed 130 people and injured hundreds, as well as coordinated attacks at the Brussels international airport and a metro station that killed 32 people and injured hundreds ALL were linked to Belgium, the country with the highest reported number of recruits to Islamic  jihadist groups per capita in Western Europe.

The one-finger salute of ISIS in Molenbeek
The one-finger salute of ISIS in Molenbeek

In response the Belgian government has enacted a raft of new counterterrorism laws and regulations, and deployed more than 1,800 soldiers in major cities. The Belgian police have carried out several hundred raids, detentions and stops and searches, many in Molenbeek, the neighborhood of Brussels that was a home or way station to many of the Paris and Brussels attackers.


These actions have helped the authorities convict 43 suspects and charge 72 others for terrorism-related crimes. But left wing ‘rights’ groups such as Human Rights Watch claim the terrorist suspects are the ones being persecuted.

Roni Stoker