Very concerned about Islam-sanctioned persecution of gays by Muslim, gays come out in force for Trump

slack-imgs-com_Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump kicked off a marathon day of campaigning with a speech to over 4,000 supporters at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center on Thursday. And John LaBarbera and Craig Starling, wearing rainbow ‘Gays for Trump’ T-shirts, made sure they were there.

Breitbart  “We’re concerned about the possibility of Musilm terrorism and anti-gay violence such as the deadly attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando,” Starling told Breitbart News. “Trump is better on security and immigration.”


LaBarbera, who drove with Starling from Savannah, Georgia, to attend the rally, agreed, adding that he also preferred Trump’s economic policies.

He said that he had lost several yard signs to theft, and had endured hate on Facebook. But he added that people at Savannah’s gay pride rally had been “kind” when they set up a booth for Trump, and that Trump fans at the rally had been “supportive” as well.


Other “Gays for Trump” signs have been popping up at Trump rallies elsewhere in the Sunshine State. One supporter waved a homemade sign at Trump’s rally in Orlando on Wednesday. And Trump emerged onstage in Colorado on Sunday holding a rainbow flag with the words “LGBTs for Trump” written on it.

More and more gays are supporting Donald Trump. In light of the Orlando terror attack they realize that Trump is the only one who will keep them safe. Hillary helped to create ISIS with her bumbling handling of Libya and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.

In addition, Hillary Clinton supports and takes millions of dollars from Saudis, who not only abuse and execute gays, they also treat women like second-class citizens.