MINNESOTASTAN: Tagging the Muslim Student Association (MSA) sign with “ISIS” is NOT a hate crime but an accurate description of what the MSA stands for

 The discovery of ISIS graffiti on the MSA sign at the University of Minnesota campus has the local chapter of designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) calling for a hate crime investigation. CAIR-MN says that “Islamophobic” vandals spray-painted “ISIS” on the Muslim Student Association’s sign on campus.


However, if you are familiar with the background of the MSA, it’s easy to understand why ISIS is an appropriate tag for them. MSA, like CAIR, is a North American affiliate of the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood organization (original founders of al-Qaeda), whose headquarters, originally in Egypt (from which it has been banned by the al-Sisi government for its terrorist activities) now is in Qatar, a well-known state sponsor of terrorism, including the Islamic State (ISIS). 



FOX9  Naturally, the CAIR thugs think you are too ignorant to know this, so they perform their usual “Islamophobia” tap dance, demanding yet another time-wasting state and local hate crime investigation for some harmless graffiti which was likely painted by Muslim students themselves. 


“University administrators and state religious and political leaders must speak out forcefully against the rising anti-Muslim hate in our society that results in such disturbing incidents,” said a statement from CAIR-MN executive director Jaylani Hussein. “We urge campus police and other relevant law enforcement agencies to investigate this incident as a hate crime.”

Hussein cited the “Islamophobic rhetoric in the presidential election campaign,” particularly from Donald Trump, as a possible contributing factor to these types of incidents. (No, it’s the abhorrent behavior of Muslims themselves that cause so many people around the world to hate Muslims)