GERMANY: “We are Somali Muslims, we don’t have to pay”

In Wabern, Hesse, a group of five Somali Muslim freeloaders sat down and had drinks at the “Piano” pub. The group was there for the first time and Albayrak [the owner] didn’t know them. They drank “eight beers, two vodkas” and put everything on a tab. When Albayrak want to collect payment, there was anger. “We are Somalis, we don’t pay.”


Source Two of the savages stood up and went out. Albayrak banned the other three from the establishment and threw them out. “They were very aggressive, they were upset,” says Albayrak. The pub owner then shut the door. 

Suddenly, the owner heard a noise from outside. There was a “boom, boom” sound. Albayrak looked out and saw two of the Somali Muslim thugs with iron rods beating on the pub door, shattering the glass. “I was afraid they were going to kill me,” says the 58-year-old. 

He called the police but they didn’t arrive for a half hour, and by then, the savages were already gone.