PROMISES. PROMISES. American leftists threatening to move to Canada if Trump was elected president crashed the Canadian Immigration website last night

68812ef45f018cca2c22dd2d35de1f05A website explaining to foreigners how to move to Canada crashed last night, as it became increasingly clear that Republican Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election in the United States.

Breitbart  Spirit Airlines also announced a promotion on Canada fares on Wednesday morning. At least 16 Hollywood celebrities had promised to move to Canada if Trump won the election. Thus far, there is no indication that any of them has actually done so.


Katie Rossiensky of Grazia elaborates: Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration website went down at around 10.30pm Eastern Standard Time, when a Trump victory began to look more likely after polls predicted that states like Florida and Ohio would swing in his favour. It was down for nearly an hour due to the sheer number of Americans scoping out what they’d need to do to move over the border (though the glitch has since been fixed and the site is now up and running).

Instead of instructions on how to apply for Canadian citizenship or a temporary visa, visitors to the site were greeted with a ‘gateway timeout’ error message. A similar rush to the Canadian immigration site took place in the wake of the UK’s EU referendum earlier this year.