“Hang yourself by your headscarf” – Georgia high school student allegedly pens anonymous note to Muslim teacher


A Muslim teacher in Georgia allegedly received a chilling note from one of her high school students saying: “Your headscarf isn’t allowed anymore.” “Why don’t you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it off  your neck instead of your head.”

RT (h/t Siddharth)  The anonymous note was signed “America” and featured two US flags, but the student who sent it has not yet been identified. Mairah Teli, a 24-year old language arts teacher, shared a photo of the note along with her reaction on Facebook.


“I’m a high school teacher and sadly this anonymous note was put in my classroom today. As a Muslim, I wear a headscarf as a practice of my faith,” she said. “I want to share this to raise awareness about the reality and climate of our community. Spreading hate isn’t going to ‘make America great again.’ #DonaldsAmerica #NotIntimidated #HereToStay#LoveTrumpsHate.”

“Remember that there are MORE people that appreciate our diversity,” a commenter said under her post. “We will stand with you. The person who sent this needs mental health help.”

Remember there will be a lot of this as Muslims capitalize on the Trump victory to make fake hate speech/hate crime accusations, so as to get sympathy from people who know nothing about Islam. For example:


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But we all know from where the real hate speech is originating: