MUSLIM SNOWFLAKES out in force alleging “Islamophobia” everywhere you look

Why does ABC think this is a newsworthy story? Ever see them do a story on a Jewish student who had his skullcap yanked off? This is the work of the litigation jihadists at CAIR who have the sharia-compliant mainstream media in their pocket.


Arab American News  A 16-year-old Muslim student at El Camino High School in Los Angeles alleges that a male student attempted to yank off her hijab (headbag).  Mariam Nomair said the day after Trump was elected president, a male student walked up to her as she was walking to class and tried to rip her Islamic headbag off of her head and she was called a terrorist. (Where are your witnesses?)

‘He like grabbed me by my bun and my hijab and tried to pull it off,’ she told ABC 7. ‘He was like, “You shouldn’t be wearing that, you towelhead. You’re not American. This isn’t America. This isn’t what America stands for.”‘

School officials are aware of the issues and have been supportive of Nomair, but she decided to go public with her story to raise awareness and address the hate.  

‘We’re getting attacked for no reason. I’ve done nothing wrong…and I don’t understand why I’m being attacked because of it.  ‘I’m still scared to this day going into school or walking on the streets knowing that I’m a threat. People see me as a threat when I’m not really a threat at all. I’ve done nothing wrong at all to deserve this,’ she said. (Yes, you ARE a threat and your headbag is a reminder of it wherever you go. Dress like an American and nobody will bother you)