Hmmm, designated terrorist group CAIR, like many in the media, is calling Trump strategist, Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, an ‘antisemite’…but can’t provide one example of it

Disregarding the fact that Bannon comes from Breitbart News, founded by Andrew Breitbart, a Jew himself, and that Breitbart News is consistently pro-Israel, it’s no surprise that CAIR couldn’t come up with even one example of Bannon’s alleged ‘anti-semitism.’ (Not that CAIR would mind if there were any since no one hates Jews more than Muslims).



Perhaps Bannon, just as the Jewish publisher of BNI has done on countless occasions, has spoken out against leftist ‘NeverTrump’ Jews, like Bill Kristol which in no way is an example of anti-semitism. 


Breitbart opened an Israel branch – Breitbart Jerusalem – headed by Aaron Klein, also a Jew. The only thing CAIR hates about Bannon is his very outspoken and correct criticism of Islam and terror-linked Muslim advocacy groups like CAIR.


The media have mentioned one alleged example of an anti-Jewish remark by Bannon but it comes from his ex-wife, so you can take it with a grain of salt. Bannon is alleged to have said that Jews tend to raise their kids to be “whiny brats.” If in fact, he did say that, as a Jew, I can’t disagree. A lot of them are…especially the ones like Bill Kristol and most Jews on the left.

From CAIR’S Islamophobia page, we get the following complaints about Stephen Bannon – Former Executive Chairman of Breitbart News – but not a single one about anti-semitism.



  • Bannon has used Breitbart News to promulgate racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim content, and has extensively defended the Alt-Right, an informal group of ethno-white nationalists.


  • Bannon describes Islam as “a political ideology” and Sharia as “like Nazism, fascism, and communism.”

  • Steeped in unfounded claims and conspiracy theories, Bannon has painted “a dark and paranoid picture of America’s 3.3 million Muslims and the world’s second-largest faith.” He also hosted a daily radio show where many of his guests instigated fear and loathing of Muslims in America.

  • “The mainstream media, all of it, including the Washington Post and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, are all basically going along the lines of being Shariah-compliant on blasphemy laws,” Bannon said.


  • He has said that the blatant Islamophobe Robert Spencer is, “One of the top two or three experts in the world on this great war we are fighting against fundamental Islam.”


  • Regarding Frank Gaffney, a key part of the Islamophobia Network, Bannon has said, “He is one of the senior thought leaders and men of action in this whole war against Islamic radical jihad.”


  • Bannon has praised, Pamela Geller, who’s anti-Muslim vitriol is well documented, stating “Geller is one of the top word experts in radical Islam & Shariah law & Islamic supremacism.”


  • Bannon falsely stated that Khizr Khan is “One of the biggest proponents in this country, as a legal scholar, of Sharia law.” 




  • Bannon referred to a Muslim advocacy group, CAIR, as a Muslim Brotherhood “front group” and “a bunch of lies,” and warned about the threat of “Shariah courts” taking over Texas.