UK has its own Muslim ‘Clockboy’ incident, only over there we can call him ‘Bulletboy’

A Catholic primary school in the Midlands reported a seven-year-old Muslim pupil to police after mistaking a piece of brass the boy had for a bullet. Student’s mother pulls out the Muslim victim card and says the school would not have called police if the child were not a Muslim. (Of course not, only Muslims like to blow up schools)


The Guardian (h/t Very Concerned)  The boy was “very distressed and intimidated” when two officers were sent to his home to try to interview him, his mother told Tell Mama, a charity that monitors Islamophobia. St Edward’s school in Birmingham contacted police after the boy claimed a brass cylinder was a bullet for a rifle and told teachers his teenage brother, who had been on an army cadet course, had held a weapon.

“I am also very angry about the way the matter was escalated. They – the school and the police – were heavy-handed and placed undue suspicion on a seven-year-old. They caused him a lot of distress that could have been avoided. They left him mistrusting his teachers after they told him it would be a matter to discuss only with parents and they dealt with us as parents in a way they would not deal with non-Muslim parents.” 

In case you missed the stories about Clockboy:


She told the Sunday Times: “I don’t think the school would have escalated it if we were not Muslim. But Joanne Kennett, the headteacher at St Edward’s, insisted the school would have taken the same action for a child of another religion.


She told the Sunday Times: “As a Catholic school, all our children are treated equally and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our pupil intake and community. There have been disclosures made of a similar nature from children who were not from Muslim families and the same course of action has been taken.”

DCI Nick Dale said: “Officers will always thoroughly investigate any reports of unlawful guns and ammunition that are reported in the community.”