The ‘ALT-LEFT’ NY Times used a headline by Jewish writer to falsely smear Trump strategist Steve Bannon as an anti-semite

Conservative writer and founder of Frontpage MagazineDavid Horowitz, joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss his piece on Steve Bannon at, disputing the left’s claim that Steve Bannon is an anti-Semite.


Gateway Pundit  Says Horowitz: “The New York Times used my quote, my headline against Bannon. They couldn’t find a single thing that Bannon said that was anti-Semitic so they just made it up.


Hmmm, designated terrorist group CAIR, like many in the media, is calling Trump strategist, Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, an ‘antisemite’…but can’t provide one example of it

What do non-leftist Jews have to say when Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, is called an “anti-semite” by the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, most of the media, and even the rabid Muslim Jew-haters at CAIR?