IN FRANCE, ‘patriotism’ no longer will be considered a dirty word

French people are again celebrating the greatness of their civilization and culture, rallying against the globalization and the Muslim invasion of their country.


NY Times  Before Donald J. Trump’s presidential victory in the United States this week, Ms. Le Pen was considered a disruptive political force by the political elite and media but far from a true threat to become president herself when France votes next spring. Not anymore. 

Since last Wednesday, French news outlets, along with Ms. Le Pen’s mainstream political rivals, have been repeating the same thing: It could happen here.


And Ms. Le Pen is not alone. From the Balkans to the Netherlands, politicians on the far right have greeted the election of Mr. Trump with unrestrained delight and as a radical reconfiguring of the political landscape — not just in the United States, but in Europe as well.

They are seeing it as a sign that their time has finally arrived, and that the politics of heightened nationalism, anti-Muslim invasion and anti-globalization have overturned the pro-globalization, pro-immigration consensus.


“It shows that when the people really want something, they can get it,” Ms. Le Pen said in an interview on Friday in this far-right bastion, in France’s depressed postindustrial north. “When the people want to retake their destiny in hand, they can do it, despite this ceaseless campaign of denigration and infantilization,” she said.

“It’s the emergence of a new world,” Ms. Le Pen said, after being the first to lay a wreath at the monument here to France’s World War I dead. “It’s the end of the 20th century.”

The idea that Mr. Trump’s supporters had delivered a double blow — to the establishment’s ideas and to the “elite” itself — had wide support.

Maron Le Pen, Marine's daughter is following in her mother's footsteps
Marion Le Pen, Marine’s neice is following in her aunt’s footsteps

“The left and the corrupt establishment, which considers itself so superior, are being punished blow by blow by the voters and voted out of various positions of responsibility,” said Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the Freedom Party of Austria, a serious contender to win the country’s presidency on Dec. 4.

Ms. Le Pen in many ways stands as the most prominent leader of Europe’s far right. The French political establishment was in consensus this week that the news from the United States had put new wind in her political sails.

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