ITALY: Police force elderly hotel owner to house 15 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa, against his will

imm_1874817c-1-e1465242571498The hotel’s owner, Luigi Fogli, desperately clings to the door frame at the hotel, in a futile attempt to block the entrance from the mob of strong, young African Muslim freeloaders posing as refugees.

Servizio Pubblico  After the elderly owner is overpowered, the Muslims stream into his lobby, make themselves at home on the sofas, demand the keys to their rooms and ask what’s for dinner.


His daughter tells the police that they will be responsible for the damage the migrants inevitably will cause and it will be their fault if  her father has to be hospitalized due to excessive stress or Muslim violence.

Muslims were here
Muslims were here

The owner was told he would receive fair compensation, but there is no way he can survive on renting out his rooms at 7 Euros per day. He was also told he would be receiving Syrian families, but only African Muslim males showed up.


Confiscations of private property are now common in European countries where asylum fraud is commonplace. Many landowners are forced to rent our their premises, such as empty warehouses or vacant hotel rooms, to Muslim illegal  – against their will.

Most landowners are terrified of the idea of housing these Muslims as they leave a trail of destruction wherever they go, often leaving hotel rooms trashed and uninhabitable within days. Hundreds of cases of fires in refugee shelters or hotel rooms have been documented – either due to carelessness or deliberate arson to receive apartments at better locations.

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