TENNESSEE: Islamic Center hosts post-election barbarically-slaughtered animal meal for non-Muslims

d5df2cd6f6399aaf1f10bf380ce64807Some people will do anything for a free meal. Not surprisingly, hundreds of ignorant Christians and probably more than a few self-hating Jews showed up for this ‘halal’ meal.

NewsChannel5  “I want people to know they have an ally no matter what side of the aisle they stand on,” said Sherne-Marie McMillan, who attended the event. “It goes beyond which side of the aisle you’re on and goes toward being a human being – understanding what it’s like to show compassion to others.”(Something Muslims are incapable of, unless you are a Muslim)
McMillan attended the event alone, with the intention of meeting new people – something event organizers encouraged by asking attendees to sit with strangers during the two-hour event. (So they can proselytize for Islam, not make friends)