JESSE JACKSON tells Sweden they must embrace the Muslim invasion of its country because they used to be slave traders

1379876_765881180134015_1123299658534253558_nFrom a Swedish State Television Interview, Jackson says Sweden’s wealth “is built upon the backs of the African slave trade” and the only way for the country to redeem itself is to accept even more African Muslim freeloaders for the New World Order that will turn Sweden into a Third World country.


Jackson says that Swedes must embrace their multi-racial future and “its new peoples” that are fleeing from war which is the result of Western oppression and aggression as a form of justice for the legacy of their slave trade. And he is applauded for saying that.

While 60 million people are still enslaved today (much of it in the Middle East), the politically correct narrative is obviously to shame Western nations into submission by constantly telling them they’re guilty of a practice they have long ago abolished – not invented.

Face of a dying Nation