MINNESOTASTAN: Muslim teen still whining about not being allowed to box because she won’t remove her headbag.

amaiya-zafar-box-screengrabJust the latest in CAIR’s campaign of civilization jihad, Amaiya Zafar, 16, was scheduled to actually box, in the ring, Sunday in Kissimmee, Florida. But while putting on her boxing gloves before the match, she was told AGAIN that she would not be allowed to box while wearing a bag on her head, says designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

GoMN  Zafar is Muslim, and her supremacist religion tells her she is more important than man-made rules. So she wants to wear her headbag and show us she’s a Muslim supremacist who doesn’t have to obey our rules while in the ring.


Zafar’s story has been in the news before. The rules are set by the International Boxing Association, and USA Boxing follows them. They say you can’t wear anything in the ring besides the gloves, trunks and uniform.

Last year, she was hoping to compete in a Duluth event at the time while wearing her hijab, as well as Under Armour to cover up her arms and legs. Zafar and CAIR got USA Boxing to ask the International Boxing Association to make an exception so Zafar could fight. Apparently, she didn’t get it.

“All athletes should be able to compete in their sport of choice without facing roadblocks based on outmoded and discriminatory policies,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper in the group’s release.


16-year-old Muslim ‘boxer’ demands she be allowed to wear an Islamic headbag as a symbol of her “modesty”