Since when does a letter to designated terrorist group CAIR that says “Islam is to be feared” constitute a threat?

cairing-for-the-muslim-brotherhood-256x300MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRONT GROUP Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)-Chicago chapter received a letter riddled with pro-Donald Trump material and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories on Monday.

MIC  The letter was received by Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago. Rehab said that CAIR has reported the letter to the FBI. In it, the author writes “Islam is to be feared and resisted,” it also referred to President Barack Obama as a “half-assed negro,” and “fascist Muslim dictator.”


“Your comments about your fears for Muslims with a Trump presidency are unfounded,” it reads. “You have had your guy in the White House for eight years. He has done as he promised in 2008 on Meet the Press: reduced the U.S. military to a ‘level equal to that of our Muslim brothers.'”

It continues: “So it is QUITE ironic that you claim fear about Trump as president when we have just responded to 8 years of Islamic rule from a half-assed Negro, half-assed Muslim in the White House. No – you are NOT the victim. Sir: those who voted for Trump have been the victims of 8 years of rule by a Muslim fascist dictator, which is now over.”

The letter also contained a “threatening” message of an impending civil war and the CAIR-Chicago chapter as the first target.  “When our next civil war comes, CAIR will be the focus of freedom-loving Americans, which you are NOT,” the letter read.

Rehab said this was the Chicago chapter’s first threatening letter since Trump’s victory.

“This is a pattern that we are seeing right now with these sort of threats being sent to Muslims and other minorities,” Rehab said to Mic in a phone interview. “Because we are seeing an emboldening of white supremacists and racists since the Trump election.” (What ‘race’ is Islam? That’s funny, a Muslim supremacist being worried about other supremacists)


Rehab added they’ve received numerous threats through emails and on social media on a frequent basis. He also said that they tend to spike during election season and significantly whenever anti-Muslim rhetoric was espoused by Trump.

“Our concern is that it’s open season, basically racists (What ‘race’ is Islam?) feel they reclaimed America and they are in charge and the rest of us have to bow,” Rehab said. (Damn right, under Obama we’ve been bowing to you Muslim slime for 8 years)

The Saudi-funded Southern Poverty Law Center has been tracking hateful harassment since Nov. 9, and as of Friday, the number of incidents has risen to 701 reports of election-related harassment and intimidation. Rehab said the headquarters of the Council of American Islamic Relations has received about 119 hateful harassment and threats since Election Day.

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