TSK TSK! I think it’s just terrible that people would scribble hateful messages inside library books on Islam

Someone has drawn swastikas, racial slurs and other offensive language on books about Islam, the Middle East, and the quran at Evanston Public Library.

Hey, no need to tip people off. All anyone has to do is open a book on Islam, especially the quran, and they will find hundreds of hateful messages and incitement to violence against non-believers already printed throughout the books…far worse than anything scribbled on the front page.


Chicagoist  On Monday, November 21, in preparation for a program about the Qur’an with Northwestern’s Middle East and North African Studies (MENA) program, seven books about Islam and the Qur’an were discovered to have been defaced with graffiti and racist (what ‘race’ is Islam?) language and imagery. The discovery of graffiti in books about Islam is troubling. Free speech is one thing; defacing sacred texts and books about religion is quite another. Those who are caught defacing library materials will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Librarian Lorena Neal wrote about the incident on Facebook, which she says the library has reported to the Evanston Police Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Evanstonians like to think we are safe in a bubble of tolerance, but none of us can afford to pretend that we are not affected by the hatred that surrounds us now,” she said. “None of us can afford to sit this out, to hope it goes away, and leaves us untouched. Whatever your politics, if this kind of hatred and intolerance disgusts you, speak out today.” (Well if hatred and intolerance disgusts you, why do you have books about Islam in the library in the first place?)

Evanston Police Department’s public information officer Joe Dugan told Chicagoist that eight books were defaced with derogatory remarks. Most of the books were Quran-related.

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