Designated terrorist group CAIR-NY chief litigation jihadist demands action against mostly fabricated anti-Muslim hate crimes

64335648_8696526747234259568_n-viRipping a page right out of notorious communist Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals,’ CAIR is using Donald Trump’s victory to advance their never-ending ‘Islamophobia jihad’ on America, demanding that cities and counties make laws to prevent anti-Muslim backlash. 

Loosely defined: The politics of victimization is the most popular political strategy of the left. Indeed, the creation of socially-sanctioned ‘forever victims’ seems to have become the favorite pastime not only of Democrats but the media as well, a phenomenon interacting with special interest groups (like CAIR) and bringing a new facet to the contest between political groups vying to establish who has been victimized most grievously.

More BooHooing from Hamas-linked CAIR