Just what we don’t need – a Somali Muslim baghead representing Minnesotastan in the ‘Miss USA’ Beauty Pageant

somali_american_minnesotan_honored_to_we_0_2329645_ver1-0_640_360Halima Aden has a pretty face. Too bad you can’t see the rest of her. We know Muslims are supremacists who think they are better than the rest of us and by refusing to dress like all the other contestants in the Miss USA Beauty Pageant, Aden is telling us “I am better than you and even in YOUR country, in YOUR American beauty contest, I can make my own rules and refuse to dress in what Muslims consider attire for whores and sluts.”


Star Tribune  Halima Aden knows she’ll stand out at the Miss Minnesota USA pageant — and that’s the point. While other contestants don revealing bikinis during the swimsuit portion of the competition this weekend, she will cover her body from neck to wrist to ankle, wearing a chaste“burkini” instead . Aden, a 19-year-old Somali-American, will wear a colorful headscarf and show only her face.

She will be the first fully covered Muslim woman to compete in the state pageant. She entered intent on breaking barriers for Muslim women, to counter the negative image that they are oppressed.


But admittance into the two-day competition, which begins Saturday at Burnsville’s Ames Center, does not come without a cost. The pageant has caused a rift between Aden and her mother, as well as some Somali community members who do not support her bid for Miss Minnesota USA. (Is an ‘honor’ killing in her future?)

Social media sites sharing news coverage of her participation were flooded with comments calling her choice to model “haram,” or forbidden by Islamic law. The backlash was surprising for Aden, who made it clear to supporters and strangers alike that she would not be compromising her religious principles of modesty to compete.

Aden and her mother

Aden and her mother

Aden’s deeply religious mother, however, is troubled by her participation. Her mother, who declined to be identified for privacy reasons, said she would rather see her daughter focused on school. Aden collected her burkini from a friend’s place — she hadn’t kept any pageant garments in her mother’s apartment — and went home to try it on for her.

As Aden pranced back and forth in the living room, her mother sat and scowled. She did not approve. “The top is too short,” her mother said. “This outfit is revealing.”


The dress reached just above Aden’s knees, revealing pants underneath. The swimsuit-like material, she said, exposed her figure. Distraught, Aden sat at the edge of their black leather couch arguing that the suit was purchased from a Muslim-approved website.

Without time to order another swimsuit, her only options were to pair the outfit with a skirt for additional modesty or withdraw from the competition altogether. She chose the pageant.


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  1. Obviously she doesn’t belong in that contest and indeed is infiltrating as several have mentioned. It’s not OK; that group (Muslims) does not belong here according to US law since 1952, attempting usurping our government and our country, set out according to their Q’uran.

    • This is a Saul Alinski provocation. Who could deny this poor girl who worked so hard a place in the competition? I, for one, could.

  2. Just look at her Mother, and you will see how she will look as she ages. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    All this does is up her ‘bride price’.

  3. ‘She entered intent on breaking barriers for Muslim women, to counter the negative image that they are oppressed.’

    She is one of the many Muslim women who are Extremely Proud to wear Islamic clothing in NON-Muslim countries. Her motive was NOT to counter the negative image that they’re oppressed, but rather to declare in the Judeo/Christian nation of America

    We are Muslims. We are SUPERIOR to non-Muslims and we will seize every opportunity to BREAK your rules, DESTROY your traditions, your culture, your laws and your religion.

    Your leaders LOVE Islam and Muslims and are colonising your countries with Muslims. With their full cooperation, we will CONQUER and ENSLAVE you infidels under sharia. It’s taught in the Quran.

  4. Comment to Kelly: sandi said the Muslim woman is ugly on the inside. Do you not understand what sandi is saying?

    The Muslim woman wants to make Islam appear to be good, even beautiful. She is a DECEIVER. She fully embraces the MILITARY/POLITICAL Cult of Islam whose followers Savagely Slaughtered Hundreds of Millions of Non-Muslim innocents.

    The barbaric slaughters of non-Muslims and the rapes, gang rapes and sex slavery of non-Muslims continues to this day.

    Do you not consider this UGLY, EVIL and SATANIC?

  5. Something more for CAIR et. al, to complain to the choir about. Divide and conquer. Maybe the ‘crying congressman’ will intervene on behalf of all the somalian ISIS fighters to have her capture the terrorist beauty category.

  6. Maybe she can substitute an “Ice Fishing” fashion venue …. when the other girls are sporting their bikinis …. we must reach out to them …. oops, she fell through the ice hole …. 10,000 lakes to go …. well, now only 9,999 ?

  7. Muhammad said women are deficient of intelligence!

    Sahih Bukhari volume 1 book 6 Hadith 301

    Pull in an Islamic head dress raise your hand and scream “Look at me, look at me, I agree with Muhammad, I am STUPID!”

  8. Burqkas and hijabs etc are an insult to all men. It says that all men are perverts, ready to rape any woman that reveals a microbe of flesh.
    I always give them a dirty look.. they are an abomination in a civil society, a marker for the islam cult and it’s ‘territory’.
    The garbage should not be tolerated in a 21st century civil world.
    Piss beer upon them.

  9. *gasp* oh my allah! what a slut! look at her uncovered face and DAT BARE HAND! maybe porn industries could use someone like her to create new genre special aimed to muslims: sharia porn

  10. There, we learn something new every day!
    I didn’t know that Prophet Mohammed stated that women should not take part in American beauty pageants. And if some rebelled, then they must look like a drainpipe, no curves or sexy bumps.

    • Ben, I see you get the point and understand their idea behind all of this. Its not about winning the pageant or being crowned a beauty… its about destroying everything the west stand for without a single gunshot…. because we will allow them to take over and destroy us!!!

  11. I find it ironic that in Iraq, where they have
    just crowned one of their own for the first
    time in 40 years in becoming Miss Iraq
    and then on her way to the Miss Universe
    pageant,complying with the international
    regulations regarding headscarves( as well as all the other contestants) in not
    wearing one.while in MN an entrant thinks
    she can do what she wants, her conceit
    in thinking her face is enough to win it,
    and the rules are for everyone else.Making
    a mockery of yet another tradition.
    Denise Wallace,executive co-director of
    Miss MN USA pageant:” It is in line withthe
    values of the Miss Universe Org in em-
    powering women to be confidentially
    beautiful”. Its a beauty contest.She could
    be covering up lesions,skin grafts,surgery
    marks, psoriasis,etc., and for that alone
    should be disqualified. Otherwise you are
    just caving in to the stale phoney religion
    advantage.Travesty or truth,MissWallace?

    • Exactly! And Muslim women are supposed to be modest – meaning no makeup or artifice? Well, so are Amish girls and you don’t see any of them parading around in a beauty contest..

  12. Lemme guess….she’s already the “selected winner”, right? If not, will cair throw a fit? Anyone taking bets???

    • Its NOT about winning!!!! Its about letting them change “OUR” rules to accomodate these muslims savages into “OUR” ways while the rest of “US” have to conform to the rules without exceptions!!! its about not having any guts to stand up for our beliefs and ways.

  13. Whole thing is odd as Allah said she was has to be modest, not a lot of modesty in flaunting it on stage and drawing attention to yourself big time and attracting lustful eyes. Sounds like a stoning might be around the corner …

  14. Muslim women have been known to be killed for participating in beauty contests. This woman had better be careful; she has already aroused the ire of her family and people in her community.

    I remember reading a story some time ago that a Muslim woman in Ukraine was stoned to death by a number men in a village for participating in a beauty contest.

    How does she think that she can still be “modest” and yet participate in a beauty contest? The two are mutually incompatible – especially when you are talking about Islamic modesty. The Islamic sense of modesty basically means that a women is not to be seen or heard. In Islam, a woman isn’t supposed to wear excessive perfumes or makeup, and she isn’t supposed to wear flashy or stylish clothing, but wear subdued clothing, concealing her body and figure, and not to draw attention to herself. Many Muslims require that a woman even cover her face. In fact, this is the basic definition of modesty in general, especially in fundamentalist religions, although non Muslim people tend to be less stringent in their sense of modesty. Thus fundamentalist Christian and Jewish women for that reason don’t participate in beauty contests, because these are considered “worldly” activities and invitations to sin. So why does this woman think she can do this if that is the social standard she comes from?

    Does she think it is empowering? It isn’t. It actually is a kind of hypocrisy. She wants to be Muslim, yet not follow Muslim rules. She wants to be part of the world, yet still belong to the exclusivist club of Islam. Sorry, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either be Muslim all the way and follow all the rules of Islam, or go Murtud and renounce the faith and then live the way you want to live. But you can’t be both.

    • Exactly!!!! The rules have always been the same for all contestants!!! It should be enforced as such!! And that applies to everything else!!! These muslim savages are getting their way and taking over everything because “WE” allow them to!! The end of this pageant is near… and it is exactly what muslims want!!!

  15. Determinedly NOT fitting in and yet claiming to be American?

    Sorry – cannot work!

    The old adage FIFO works here however and the cowardly PC organisers should be saying that to her.

  16. There needs to be some codes enforced in the pageant. Hopefully the burkinni will be banned in the swimsuit contest as it should be. When I see them in that it reminds me of a deep sea diver or something like that. I see this as a commie lib-tard muslim interest stunt so the muslims can silently try to make a statement of being better than us with their hijab. Little do the morons realize me like most people I know think,” You muslims look like schmucks in America wearing your garb in a defiant manner in our free country that will protect you instead of kill you for taking that towel off. You flaunt your roots of oppression to show either your love to be sub-serviant to a death cult, your stupidity for not assimilating into freedom but attempting to reverse it to the bondage which you supposedly fled to here from, or your hyporcricsy or proclaiming your ways in our land openly which you wish to turn into yours but instead of obeying your rules in good faith you break them and follow them to your convenience. Entering a beauty pageant, driving, going to the market and abroad alone without a male relative, etc are all offenses you women would be killed for or harshly punished for by your good muslim men if they installed the sharia which you promote. I guess from what I observe in America islam is something people follow out of convenience but not because they truly believe in the death cult ways if it applies to themselves. Trump was right on the money when he said maybe these women enjoy the treatment the get since they seem to not want to change. Long Live Trump, The true people’s champion!

    • “There needs to be some codes enforced in the pageant.”
      A T, it just hit me as I began reading your good comment that all these years this beautiful pageant has been going all over the world, with very few problems. Now here these nasty muzslime creatures are PURPOSELY involving themselves in things, that arent even “legal”
      for the nasty creatures to be in, JUST FOR THE PURPOSE OF SCREWING IT UP FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!! Makes me HATE them all the more, they are determined to destroy EVERYTHING we have lived by and enjoyed all our lives. I TRULY HATE IZSLIME!

  17. Muslims will continue to be exempt from all rules as long as the fools that govern allow them to break the rules. Imagine if a Christian decided she wanted to wear a cross around her nect during the contest. I bet that wouldn’t be allowed.

  18. Considering how Politically correct the liberals are, Im betting she wins. What I’d like is if some of the other contestants tried wearing a bag on their heads. I bet they would be trashed for making fun of the baghead. See only real bagheads can wear the garbage bag on their head and often on their entire body.

    • You took the words out of my mouth. With this PC nonsense prevailing,if she doesn’t win, CAIR will be complaining of racism and discrimination and start a lawsuit.

  19. She may be nice looking, but in the inside she is ugly. I pray to the real GOD, this bitch looses big time. I do not want this bitch representing me or my country.

    • I find it so ironic that you speak about God and yet have an ugly heart and use hateful words about a complete stranger. You are an example of the exact reason people are rejecting organized religion. You clearly have no idea what God is about.

      • To Kelly: To people on this website, there’s nothing “pleasant “about these Islamic invaders! Don’t you get it?? If this bitch refuses to conform to the rules of an American beauty pageant, than she needs to crawl back to her ” loving family”. No matter how ” pretty” a few of these Muslim women, might be, they are out to destroy our American freedom,idiot! These people contribute nothing to society! Allah is not God! If this muslima is allowed into the beauty contest, we’ ll probably hear about an ” honor killing”, later! Oh, no! Not!

      • Kelly, you are also using ‘hateful words’ to a complete stranger. Typical of the hypocritical left/lib brigade.
        By wanting to silence Sandi you are siding with the enemy because Islam is our enemy. When strangers come into our Western countries with a shopping list of how they will swap our culture for theirs, they must be opposed.
        Where Muslims succeed in taking over they behead men, women and children of your ‘God’. They circumcise all men and women by force (see the Christian island of Banda).
        And you think it is wrong to express very natural feelings about the abomination that is Islam.

      • Kelly, sandi said the Muslim woman is ugly on the inside. Do you not understand what sandi is saying?

        The Muslim woman wants to make Islam appear to be good, even beautiful. She is a DECEIVER. She fully embraces the MILITARY/POLITICAL Cult of Islam whose followers Savagely Slaughtered Hundreds of Millions of Non-Muslim innocents.

        The barbaric slaughters of non-Muslims and the rapes, gang rapes and sex slavery of non-Muslims continues to this day.

        Do you not consider this UGLY, EVIL and SATANIC?

  20. She could make a stronger point by donning a burka. But hold on, there is that permission thing .. where is dad? Not going to end well. Please keep us informed.

  21. The stupid fools know good and well we can’t stand them and that MANY of us are onto their nefarious scheme, so they just go right on pretending we are ALL utter fools, who just think their stupid laws and ways are just too cute. GET LOST BITCH!!!!!!!!

    • I believe in Islamic parlance, this contestant would be fairly labeled, a hypocrite. Participating ln kufr actions, while calling oneself a moslem. Way to divide the ummah! You go apostate girl! Show your daddy he can’t tell what to do!

  22. (at 1.22 ) …she’ll wear her burkini during the swimsuit competition …. gee I wonder if anybody will notice the difference !! Just further proof these suckers want to change us, they have no intention of integrating. Since a partial reason for these contests are to celebrate the beauty of the human female form … it’s hard to see how the judges will judge her. If the judges are tru-blue for those sections she should rate ‘zero’ .

  23. OH PLEASE!! Do we have to tolerate this culture / cult??!!
    I for one wish these Muslims would stay in their own countries.
    Let them have their “own” beauty pageants for their own Muslim women!!