FAR LEFT LOONS blame Donald Trump for leaving the Somali Muslim community in America vulnerable to hate

Of course, it had nothing to do with the latest terrorist attack in America at Ohio State University where a Somali Muslim terrorist wounded and nearly killed 10 people as he ran them over with his car and stabbed them with a butcher knife.


“We are black. We are Muslim. We are Somali. We are all the negative stigmas.”

Think Progress An attack by a Somali-American Ohio State University student on Monday has raised tension in an American community already facing demonization from figures as powerful as the president-elect.

Somali Mulslms in America demand free halal food funded by the American taxpayers
Somali Muslms in America demand free halal food funded by American taxpayers

Before Monday’s bloodshed, the Somali community was already on edge. Members of the community are double minorities — Black and Muslim — and their status as the “most visible Muslim community in America” has left them in a vulnerable state, despite denunciations of the OSU attacker from Somali-American community leaders.

Figures vary, but in 2010 there were 85,700 people of Somali ancestry in the United States. That number is likely significantly higher now.


Somali Muslim Rape Gangs have been arrested in several states in America
Somali Muslim Rape Gangs have been arrested in several states in America

Donald Trump, the candidate, had harsh words about the Somali Muslim refugee problem in Minnesota: “You’ve suffered enough in Minnesota …”Trump devoted a great portion of his speech to talking about Somali refugees in Minnesota, referring to their presence as a disaster.”

TWITCHY  After their disappointment that the latest Muslim terrorist attack would not allow them to demand more gun control, they turned their attention to Somali Muslims in America who might be subjected to name-calling by “Islamophobes.”

Never mind that Abdul Razak Ali Artan railed against America and espoused Islamist rhetoric. Or that IS has claimed responsibility for the attack. What matters is that we point our fingers at Donald Trump and other people who had nothing to do with what happened.