EVEN THE FBI knows a CAIR scam when they see it…crying “Islamophobia” to get media attention and free police protection

For the past several days, designated terrorist group CAIR has been demanding federal law enforcement “hate crime” investigations of an anti-Muslim letter (below) allegedly sent to 3 mosques in ‘Caliphornia.’ But the FBI, fed-up with Muslims constantly crying wolf, appears to be ignoring them this time.


The letter,  as you can see, likely was sent by a Muslim, as evidenced by the kind of phrases Muslims like to use against infidels. For example: “Children of Satan.” “What Hitler did to the Jews.” “Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs.” (Only Muslims consider dogs a dirty word) But they are right about one thing…there is a new sheriff in town and Muslims won’t get to play their victim card on a daily basis anymore.


Designated terrorist group CAIR demands “hate crime” investigation of alleged anti-Muslim, pro-Trump, hate-filled letter sent to a local Islamic center in San Jose

Oh, NOES! Designated terrorist group CAIR is demanding police protection after second mosque receives same anti-Muslim letter a mosque in San Jose received