FALSE! Claims made by the leftist media and Muslims that so-called “Islamophobia” is the cause of Islamic terrorism

islamophobiaisbogus-viIn the wake of several recent Muslim terror attacks in the U.S. and Europe, liberal journalists and academics, as well as designated terrorist groups like CAIR, have been alleging that ‘Islamophobia’ causes Islamic terrorism. 

(Fear of Islam is NOT a phobia, it’s a survival tactic)


Daily Caller  But a series of initiatives meant to stamp out Islamophobia at Ohio State University proved ineffective at stopping Somali refugee and devout Muslim Abdul Razak Ali Artan from stabbing nine people on Monday.

Artan, who referenced al-Qaida cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki in a pre-stabbing rant posted to Facebook, launched his attack in spite of university events like “Islam 101” and “Islamophobia in America” meant to decrease the Islamophobia that some leftists in the media and academia have said is the root cause of Islamic terrorism.


Earlier this month, the university coordinated an Islam 101 program with the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. The university’s Middle East Studies Center sponsored multiple events meant to raise awareness about Islamophobia. OSU also sponsored an August lecture in which a Muslim professor told his “personal story” of Islamophobia.

Some leftists in the media and academia have argued that anti-Islamophobia efforts like those at OSU are needed to prevent Islamic terrorism.


After the Brussels terror attack that left 32 people dead, for example, Georgetown professor Engy Abdelkader wrote an article arguing that Islamophobia causes Muslims to radicalize into terrorists.

Similarly, a Columbia University student wrote an editorial arguing that the attacks were caused by Islamophobia.

Around the same time, CBS aired a segment investigating whether Islamophobia causes Islamic terrorist attacks like the one in Brussels.

Tucker Carlson does a decent job of refuting the blatant lies by this Georgetown University Muslim professor Engy Abdelkader, who claims that “Islamophobia” causes terrorism. She’s not from CAIR but all her talking points are right out of the CAIR playbook on ‘Taqiyya 101’ (How to deceive infidels by whitewashing Islam and spewing lies and made-up statistics about Muslims in America)