‘QUANTICO’ – An ABC-TV show all about terrorism which has pledged NEVER TO show a Muslim as a terrorist

No wonder it’s such a confusing, obfuscating, and dishonest show, not even remotely based on reality…but political correctness.


Vulture  It’s no secret that the current state of Muslim representation on TV is terrorism-oriented (as it is in life), particularly as a post-9/11 culture oversaw the rise of the trope of the Muslim terrorist and as Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban stokes Islamophobia

Quantico, however, won’t be a site for such stereotypes, according to showrunner Josh Safran.  (Of course not, because as everyone on the left knows, only Jews and Buddhists and Trump supporters are the real terrorists).

In fact, in the last season, Quantico promoted it’s anti-Israel plotline in an episode where Jewish agent Simon Asher has already been revealed to be an IDF soldier who did things in Gaza that haunt me every single day of my life.(Talk about confusing, not only did they make Asher a suspicious IDF operative and possible terrorist in the FBI, they made him gay and a virgin who seemed to have a crush on the Muslim FBI agent trainee) 



One episode saw him talking to an Israeli bomb maker about continuing violence in the West Bank. And in another flashback scene, it looked increasingly likely that Simon will turn out to be the terrorist mastermind who framed FBI Agent Alex Parrish for the bomb that destroyed Grand Central Station in New York City and killed 130 people.

Participating in a roundtable discussion for the New York Times, Safran revealed that one of the major rules for Quantico is that it NEVER features a Muslin terrorist, an edict to which it has so far held fast. (Which makes it a show about Disneyland rather than the FBI Academy at Quantico)


He explained, “For me, it was important to NEVER EVER put a Muslim terrorist on our show. There hasn’t been one.” He added that the show’s current season came close, but only for the sake of misdirection. “This year we have the appearance of one — which is a spoiler. But it’s not true,” he said. (The show prominently features twin Muslim agent trainees, one of whom always wears a headbag)


There is no nuance. Quantico follows two stories: The first is told via flashback and follows seven recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia (a real place), while the second is set in the present day and reveals how the recruits’ training helps them investigate the bombing of New York City’s Grand Central Station when one of their own (NOT the Muslim) is apparently framed for the terrorist attack.


The guideline is just one of the ways Quantico is responding to the present political climate, (Quantico’s goal is to hide the truth about Islamic terrorism that is the main focus of most FBI operations today) according to Safran, who intends to significantly change the tone of the show. He revealed, “I called the network and I said, ‘Can we change the show?’ They said yes. We’re changing the show so that it can represent, in a dark time, more hope.” Yes, in the darkest of times, there is always TV. (Where political correctness always takes priority over truth)