BAGHEAD BASKETBALL: Because Muslim supremacists aren’t happy unless they are shoving their ‘religion’ in your face

Contrary to what this ABC report says, this Muslim girl’s basketball team in suburban Morton Grove, Illinois isn’t making history, it’s reminding us that Muslims have no intention of assimilating into America. And no, it isn’t breaking stereotypes, it’s doubling down on them. 

1638442_1280x720ABC7  They are the first and only hijabi Muslim team to play in the Illinois Elementary School Association. The MCC Academy girls varsity team took on Cottage Grove Middle School in their regional finals Friday night.

Players wore hijabs, full sleeves and long pants on the court. They fell short against Cottage Grove , but the girls hope their story can influence change.

(Of course they lost. They have no peripheral vision and can hardly move around the court in those bulky black body bags)