BIG TURNOUT for funeral of Somali Muslim terrorist who ran down/stabbed 11 people at Ohio State University


MORE THAN 100 terrorist sympathizers attended Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s funeral at the Ibnu Taymiyah mosque on the city’s North Side. Artan was shot multiple times by a police officer moments after his jihad attack began.

Radio WOSU  Due to the ongoing investigation, Artan’s family did not speak with the media, but Ahmed Ahmed, the mosque’s director, spoke with Artan’s mother on Wednesday.


“I believed my son would die one day, but I was not expecting him to die this soon,” Artan’s mother reportedly told Ahmed. “God gave him to me and he took [him] away.” (No, a hero cop with a loaded gun took him away)

Artan’s mother, he says, doesn’t think her son is guilty.  “She’s waiting for the investigation to conclude to see what they come up with, but she still believes that her son is innocent,” Ahmed said. ‘She was crying, and said, ‘I love you, my son. I know they kill you for no reason.”


Ahmed says she was shocked to learn her son, a straight-A student and recent Columbus State Community College graduate, had carried out the attack. She says that morning, Artan had just taken his younger siblings to school.

OSU faculty member and Black Lives Matter activist Stephanie Clemons Thompson, decided to lash out at those upset over the attack, demanding that people have compassion for the killer, rather than for the victims.