Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands hate crime investigation of alleged restaurant “bacon bandit”

Methinks it was a Muslim who smeared bacon on this Paki Muslim-owned Galveston restaurant’s doors, because even though they don’t serve pork, they DO serve alcohol which is forbidden in Islam.

Muslim con-artists from CAIR-Houston have concluded that this was an anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’ and should be investigated by the Feds as such. In the meantime, this Muslim restaurant is getting way too much free TV publicity out of this so-called “vandalism.” Even the despicable, self-hating, leftist Jews, who don’t understand how much Muslims actually hate them, have come out to support the restaurant.


β€œBias is the only reasonable explanation for the use of bacon in vandalism targeting a Muslim-owned business, and law enforcement authorities should keep that possible hate motive in mind when investigating this case and in bringing charges against the alleged perpetrator,” said CAIR-Houston Executive Director Mustafaa Carroll (the same Mustafaa who believes Muslims don’t have are above the law)

ORIGINAL STORY:Β Oh, NOES! Bacon smeared on doors of a Muslim-owned restaurant in Galveston, TX