Designated terrorist group CAIR still demanding resignation of Michigan school board member for exercising his First Amendment rights on his own Facebook page

Alfredo Francesconi, a district vice president in Detroit suburb Roseville, has repeatedly shared controversial anti-Islam posts from his personal Facebook page, which is visible to the public.

NY Daily News  Below is a post he shared on Facebook last month with a picture of Donald Trump.


A Hamas-linked Muslim ‘rights’ group that thinks the First Amendment should not cover criticism of Islam keeps calling for Francesconi to step down after posting anti-Muslim memes online.  

Francesconi, who regularly posts conservative views online, told WXYZ he did not think the posts were offensive and that he would post them again. Below is another one he has shared:


Designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Michigan chapter has previously called for Francesconi to step down after he published similar posts.

In 2013, Francesconi posted a popular meme that depicted the three victims killed in the Boston Marathon bombings (below):


A small crowd of Muslim protesters called for his resignation on Monday as the country has experienced a post-election surge in reports (many of them fake) of Muslim harassment.

School board officials told WJBK they have told Francesconi to stop making offensive posts, but because he is posting on his personal computer they cannot remove him.

Below is a video from June, 2015.

Send your messages of support for Alfredo Francesconi to: Roseville Community Schools Board of Education here:

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